obnoxious names and songs (the Childmolesters' wanting to see some "Wholesale Murder," The Rotters' charming "Sit on My Face Stevie Nix") et al. Taking that in mind, a song like this was inevitable given punk's gadfly stance, but it was Benedict Arnold And The Traitors' genius that the song was so fuckin' good that nearly thirty years later, when its original intent has been muted by an American public too uninterested in its own history to even be bothered to look up what they were singing about, the song is still a nice bit of catchy obnoxiousness. Thanks to the Artifix's generosity, you no longer have to shell out beaucoup bucks for a copy of one of the five hundred singles originally pressed way back when to enjoy it and the flip, "Red Alert," which isn't as lyrically incendiary, but no less catchy. Rumor is that the band is together again and making a racket. Hopefully they're as hell-bent of offending and upsetting the social order as they were in days of yore, 'cause lord knows it could use it.

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