Benedict Arnold & The TraitorsREVIEWS
"AWESOME 'CHEESEBURGER PUNK' in the same wonderful vein as Vom. These guys were around in Southern California in the early-80s, doing a good job of pissing off people with anthems like, 'Kill the Hostages' (in reaction to the Iranian hostage crisis), 'White Boy Singing Ska,' and 'I Hate Sports.'
If you listen to the lyrics, these guys are actually much smarter than they come off in their crashing, bashing two minutes songs. Benedict Arnold and the Traitors were just one of the many great Punk bands exploding with anger and energy in the early-80s. Sadly overlooked, terribly underrated. Granted, they're not the best Punk band in the world and are far from the best musicians, but that's exactly what makes them so great. Their passion alone carries them well past many of the big Punk bands of then and now." -- Mark Murrmann writing for, May, 2000.
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