( BIO CONTINUED) By this time the band was transitioning to a "neo-psychedelic" incarnation, which, with some personnel changes, became known first as "The Antinomians," but soon became officially known as "The Hundredth Monkey." A single (produced by Geza X) and a full-length 12-inch album ("Mute Lament," with cover art by renowned "lowbrow" painter Robert Williams) were released between 1983 and 1987 before the band finally dissolved around 1989.
Cut to the year 2000, and three out of five original members of The Traitors get back together to perform some live shows for political causes, and start recording their last record ever, "Star Spangled Bummer." Eventually, four of the five original members were back, playing (occasionally) live, and recording tracks for the "Bummer" project. The album contains twenty-two songs, including two covers of songs originally recorded by Los Hombres and The Dicks. SSB is basically a kind of musical timeline of the negligence, fraud and related political and corporate criminality of all sorts, committed by the Bush Administration and their accomplices and cronies against the American People, the Constitution, and the rest of the World in general.
The cover art is by the great Los Angeles-based artist Jaime "GERMS" Zacarias (www.Germs4U.com).
Additionally, Artifix Records ("the archaeologists of punk" - www.artifixrecords.com) has reissued "Kill the Hostages/Red Alert" on 7" vinyl, and a full-length CD of the band's early material from the years 1980-1982 is in the works. <<PREVIOUS